Mia Gjerdrum Helgesen (1971)

Mia Gjerdrum Helgesen
( 1971)
Artist, designer and sculptor from Asker Norway. Her semi abstract paintings and graphics has been exhibited in Norway, Cobenhagen, LA, Miami and New York.

Mia Gjerdrum Helgesen has her education from The Academy of Art in San Frasisco, The Royal Academy of Art in Olso and a art direction degree from the Westerdals School of Communication Art Oslo.

Mia Gjerdrum Helgesen
( 1971)


Mia Gjerdrum Helgese er utdannet ved Statens Kunsthøyskole i Oslo med hovedfag, Westerdals og Academy of Art i San Fransisco.
I 2018 ble hun tildelt recidency ved Mana Contemporary i NYC. Kunstneren arbeider med maleri, grafikk ( litografi, monotopi og tresnitt), tekstil og skulptur. Grafikk har en stor plass i hennes kunsternskap og produserer tresnitt lokalt hos Trafo Kunstproduskjon verkstedet til Magne Furuholmen. Kunstnerens er representert ved gallerier i Norge, New York, Miami og LA.

Flytende abstraksjoner i verkene gjenspeiler menneskets følelse av udefinert eksistens ofte på leten etter sin egen identitet. Isolert fra
sitt eget jeg, påvirket, tilslørt og absorert av samfunnets krav ikontrast til indre sjeleliv. Mia jobber i mange lag med maleriene over
tid. Hvert lag er med å å bygge både struktur og motiv som får slippe igjennom.

Kunsten kan beskrives som en etterklang av akkurat det øyeblikket eller følelsen som beskriver tematikken. Kusntneren jobber konkret med
opplevelsen av øyeblikket og den følesen en sinnstillstand gir deg. Hun ønsker at opplevelsenen av de abstrakte/halvabstrakte verkene skal være
en reise gjennom lag av opplevelser som gir en følelse og etterklang man kan bære med seg videre.

artist statement

"I want to show our delicate emotions in contrast with everything that comes from the outside, the cynical and mechanical world that we must deal with.

My work reflects on the human sense of undefined existence often seek the path of their own identity. Isolated from his ego and influenced, veiled and absorert of the demands of society in contrast to the inner life of the mind. I work in many layers of paintings over time. Each process includes building the structure and design that will slip through the sense and the feelings that captures the emotion and the moment.

This I can describe it as a reverberation of that moment or feeling that describes the theme. I work specifically on the experience of the moment and it feels a mental standstill provides. I want the viewer to absorb the journey through layers of experiences that give a sense and reverberation one can carry on.




2000 Kunsthøyskolen i Oslo Hovedfag ( Oslo Royal Academy of the Arts)

1996 Kunsthøyskolen i Oslo- Norway ( Oslo Royal Academy of the Arts)

1995 Academy of Art College (Honors) - San Fransisco - USA

1993 BA Westerdals College of Commercial Art

1990 Nesbru VDG - Artium

1990 Advanced Studio Art/High school - USA

1989 Tegn/allm /Nesbru High school - Nesbru

Member of

NBK, Norske Grafikere, ABK, LNM, Grafill, Asker kunstforening, Bærum kunstforening, DOGA

Selection of solo exhibitions

2020 KHAAK storsalen Ålesund

2019 Operafestspillkunstner Kristiansund Kunstforening

2018 Gallery SOON SON "lys"

2016 KHÅK /Aalesund Kunstforening the main hall "Fragmenter av lys"

2016 Bærum Kunstforening "Udefinert Eksistens"

2014 Art Launch «mia suites» at the NYC-JC suites New York

2014 Gallery Elsa Namsos "Fragmenter"

2015 TSH//ARTMIA "Pret a Porter collection" & exhibit Savior fair Oslo

2010 Gallery Plysen solo exhibit STRYN Norway

2010 Asker Kunstforening solo Exhibit Asker Norway

2008 Galleri A solo Exhibit Oslo Norway "moods, emotions and atmosphere"

2007 Galleri Tjømes Kunstsalong Oslo

Selection of collective exhibitions

2019 Olsvikutstillingen Bergen

2019 Galleri A GRAND OPENING 2019

2018 GRIT woman show CanvasMiami Gallery Miami

2018 Oct group show Laguna Art Gallery California

2018 Gallery 104 August group show New York

2018 The Van Der Plas Gallery August group show New York

2018 Galleri Ramfjord Jubileumsutstilling

2018 Closing reseption ESKFF Mana Contemporary New York

2016 HYDROGENFABRIKKEN Fredrikstad Etterklang

2016 GALLERI A og Måløy Kunstlag Collectiv utstilling

2016 KUNST RETT VEST 10 år - prosjektrom udefinert eksistens

2016 A-laget Sommer Galleri-A/Minor Oslo

2016 Galleri Fine Art Tjuvholmen sommer 2016

2015 Asker Lions Høstustilling Hovedutstiller

2014 Lions Lilleaker Høstustilling Hovedutstiller

2014 ART EXPO NEW YORK exhibit www.artexponewyork.com

2013 Gallery FINE ART Tjuvholmen Boklansering MOR - en hyllest

2013 Gallery SG Trondheim stemmerett, likestilling go repersentasjon

2013 LONDON Cass Gallery May 2013 The Greatest Show On Earth: The Northern Lights

2013 Det Nationalhistoriske Museum på Frederiksborg Slott 2013 Brygger J.C.Jacobsens Portrætpris

2012 FINE ART Tjuvholmen Summer group exhibit

2012 Blood, Milkk & Honey Verdens Ende Kunstforening

2011 Young Art for a Good Cause Scandic Vulkan Oslo Norway

2011 Gallery FINE ART Tjuvholmen «after work» event BLOOD, MILK & HONEY

2011 Galleri A group exhibit BLOOD, MILK & HONEY Oslo Norway

2011 Norstrand Lions exhibit Oslo Norway 2010 ART ARENA Telenor arena

2010 Høstutstillingen «Norges kunstner dal» Asker Norway

2010 Åsgårdstrand Gallery «Recognizing Munch in Me» Norway

2008 Galleri A «A-laget» «UTVALG 2008» Norway

2008 Norstrand Lions Juleutstilling Oslo Norway

2008 Galleri A «A-laget» «UTVALG 2008» Norway

2007 Bærum Kunstforening «the young promising» Norway

2007 DOGA group exhibit PROTID Oslo


Wellheeled Spa Décor/solo Exhibit San Diego USA - Asker Kommune Vendla Barnehage - UP SOURCE Oslo - Norges DiabetesforbundOslo - Ekebergparken Barnehage Bærum Kommune - Kid Norge - Barnas Hus/Fru LyngOslo - Trygg Trafikk - Ramsalt Asker - Damm forlag Oslo - TV Vestfold Tønsberg - Protid DOGA Oslo - Offshore PG as - EMGS as - Hydraslip AS Oslo/London

Quotes - Letters of support will be attached later if needed

«The paintings have a very dreamy quality as if you are remembering a place or a thing. All of the paintings express a unique and innovative perspective through the skilful use of form and compositional aesthetics. With textures of abstract space and surfaces, the work is nuanced with mood, emotion and atmosphere».

- Angelo Di Bello, Director of Agora Gallery

Memory in the Abstract

by Maureen Flynn

GALLERY&STUDIO Magazine vol.9 New York 2007

When Willem de Kooning once spoke of «slippery glimpses», he was not so much referring to the search for the ineffable in the art but, rather, of the subtle revelations that come about at the twist of a wrist in the process of painting, the mysteries of technique. Surly Mia Gjerdrum Helgesen, a painter widely exhibited in Norway as well as the United States, must know what he meant. She speaks of finding «the strength to kill your darlings», by which she means «not being satisfied with what you did yesterday, but always stretching further», her approach is characterized by a unique panache which enables her to catch fleeting impressions that slip effortlessly between the actual and the abstract.

«I am inspired by the changing seasons in Norway, the feeling of blooming summer, the birth of spring and the cold snow falling on my face», she states, yet the way in which she makes these subtle responses to nature and personal feelings palpable in acrylics on canvas, wood or linen has everything to do with process. Shimmering visions of an idyllic childhood with specific memories of outings in a family sailboat, of flowing waves along the Norwegian coast and other fondly remembered details inform her strokes. Yet her compositions take on abstract autonomy all their own, as she layers luminous hues - translucent blues, greens, and yellows heightened by strident bursts of red - in a manner that evokes an overall sense of emotional exuberance rather than specific appearances.

While one can indeed discern «slippery glimpses» of a tree or a reflective body of water or any number of things amid her abstract forms, these things have a way of disappearing back into the overall thrust of the composition almost as quickly as they appear. Phantom presences at best, they inhabit the comosition like fugitive memories, subtexts to the sense of immediacy that Helgesen generates through her dazzling painterly proficiency. Experience, in other words, seems embedded in the material substance of pigment, rather than merely being illustrated. The effectiveness of her compositions has much to do with her method of color construction, which seems to meld an underlying organizational principle adopted from Cubism with the emotional charge of Expressionism in a highly harmonious synthesis.

Mia Gjerdrum Helgesen makes a great theme her own

Maternity and motherhood are complex subjects for woman artists, fraught with ambiguity, since giving birth and raising children is a defining experience for so many women yet is also often perceived as all-consuming impediment to artmaking –– a view that was particularly prevalent during the feminist era.

Still, it remains something of a mystery that in the centuries since the obsession with the Virgin Birth among male painters of the Renaissance finally waned, relatively few female artists –– apart from Mary Cassatt, Kathe Kollwitz, and other isolated examples – have taken up this great theme, which rightfully belongs to them.

Thus it is heartening to encounter the newest paintings of the Norwegian artist, Mia Gjerdrum Helgesen, included in «Blood, Milk & Honey», a three-woman exhibition presented in Oslo as «a Tribute to the Art of Motherhood». For Helgesen’s powerful Expressionist canvases provide a vital vision of the vicissitudes of motherhood in a secular age that is a welcome addition to the art of our time.

Reviewing one of her previous exhibitions in New York, one commented on Helgesen’s ability to reveal what Willem de Kooning called «slippery glimpses» of subject matter amid the gestural animation of her active paint surfaces. Here, again, her brushwork is so energetic that everything appears in flux, although the figures are now somewhat more defined than in those semiabstract earlier paintings.

Simply because Helgesen is dealing directly with motherhood in this series, however,

don’t expect static icons or docile domestic scenes in the manner of Cassatt, with the patterns on the wallpaper providing most of the action. By contrast, a little more like those of Kollwitz (albeit radiantly colorful rather than darkly charcoaled), Helgesen’s postmodern madonnas appear beset by tumultuous forces outside of themselves, as they move amid blurs, streaks, skeins, and rivulets of liquified acrylic pigment often as brilliantly translucent as sorbet.

And if, despite emitting luminous auras that could almost resemble nimbi or halos, they appear tremulous as they clutch infants to their breasts or keep a firm grasp on the hands of toddlers or a watchful eye on slightly older children walking nearby, one need look no further than the horrific recent headlines to realize what mothers have to fear in Norway, as in every other so-called civilized country of the modern world.

Indeed, the phantom presences that haunt the perimeters of Helgesen’s compositions like sketchy pentimento or ghostly palimpsests could remind one of the sinisterly suggestive phase in that famous song by The Doors: «faces come out of the rain». And in others, the clusters of huddled beings within variegated areas of rainbow hues could just as easily suggest either groups of mourners or the ethereal emissaries supposedly sent to guide one into the blinding light of the Afterlife.

Given the provenance and period of these paintings, as well as the emotional climate that they evoke of motherhood, a theme fully as rich in anxiety for the present as it is in love and hope for the future, one can’t help making such associations. At the same time, one is dazzled, as always, by the sheer painterly panache displayed by this thoughtful, gifted artist, as well as the pure visual pleasure it invariably provides.

– Ed McCormack, Managing Editor, GALLERY & STUDIO, New York

ED McCORMACK, one of the original Contributing Editors of Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine, has written extensively on art and popular culture for Rolling Stone, The Village Voice, and numerous other publications. Presently, with his wife, Jeannie McCormack, he publishes the New York art journal, Gallery & Studio.Mia`s half-abstract paintings in acrylic, has been exhibited in galleries in Norway, New York and Copenhagen. Her background is from The Royal National Academy of Oslo, Westerdals School of Communication Art as well as fine arts at the Academy of Art in San Francisco.
She has recently published an art book "Parent tribute," a joint project. Mia have also adorned hotel suites in New York in 2014 and held a major solo exhibitions including gallery Elsa, Aalesund Art Association and Bærum Art Association. In Oslo, she is represented by my main galleries as Gallery -A and Gallery Fine Art. In 2015 I opened ARTMIA concept room in Bygdøy Alle 57 in Oslo and also launched a unique textile art and fashion design project along with TSH Oslo.

At my studio i Asker Norway I am mainly working with visual arts as acrylic on linen canvas, as I have done the last 15 years. I love the location and the combination of the rustic buildings at Dikemark, the nature and my use of colours, form and identity in my work. During the last few years I have had the pleasure of continuing exploring my field doing a clothing fashion line with my art fabric with one of Norway`s best fashion designers ( TSH) and also exploring carving granite and marble. Working as an artist in Norway I have reached some goals and are very happy with the galleries representing me. I have had works represented in Copenhagen and also exposed my art in a group show in NYC, ART EXOP and at a SPA in San Diego.


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