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Artist Statement The works of the Norwegian artist Mia Gjerdrum Helgesen reflects the human sense of undefined existence often seeking the path of their own identity. Isolated from his ego and influenced, veiled and absorert of the demands of society in contrast to the inner life of the mind. Mia always work with a theme but it is her own personal psychic state the moment she puts her hand on the canvas that will define the result. Mia Gjerdrum Helgesen works with large abstract and semi-abstract paitnings on canvas and wood complemented by sculpture, graphics and fabrics. Each process includes building the structure and layers of paint that will slip through the sense and the feelings that captures the emotion and the moment. Mia Gjerdrum Helgesen has a deep love for graphics like woodcut. Most of her latest work are strongly influenced by this old traditional technique know in Norway as the innovation by Munch. The artist call her new works for relieffpaitnings, these are original paintings made out of wood plates with hours carving and painting lays on layers. These works is her way of honoring and taking the tradition further by creating her own innovation the tradition inspired by the Norwegian nature, heritage the old woodcut tradition. Mia Gjerdrum Helgesen (b. 1971) Instagram @artmiaofficial Facebook Facebook Education 2000 MA Oslo National Academy of the arts (SHKS) 1996 Oslo National Academy of the arts (SHKS) 1995 Academy of Art College – San Fransisco – USA 1993 Westerdals College of Commercial Art 1990 Nesbru VDG – Artium 1990 Camarillo High school – USA Advanced Studio Art 1989 Nesbru High school Tegn/allm Nesbru Member of NBK Norske Billedkunstnere, Norske Grafikere, NBF Norskbilledhoggerforening, LNM Landsforeningen for norske malerer, Grafill, Asker kunstforening, Bærum kunstforening Selection of solo exhibitions 2020 «UTPUST» KHAAK storsalen Ålesund 2019 Operafestutstiller Kristiansund Kunstforening 2018 Gallery SOON SON 2016 «fragmenter av lys» KHÅK kunsthallÅlesund2016 Bærum Kunstforening Udefinert Eksistens 2014 Art Launch «mia suites» at the NYC-JC suites New York 2014 «fragmenter” Gallery Elsa Namsos 2015 “Porter collection & exhibit “TSH//ARTMIA Pret a Savior fair Oslo 2010 Gallery Plysen solo exhibit STRYN Norway 2010 Asker Kunstforening solo Exhibit Asker Norway 2008 Galleri A solo Exhibit Oslo Norway 2007 Galleri Tjømes Kunstsalong Oslo 2006 Art Mine, USA Selection of collective exhibitions 2019 KUNST RETT VEST Henie Onstad Kunstsenter Bærum 2019 Kunstfestival OLSVIK utstillingen 2019 Bergen 2018 Laguna Beach Gallery “grand opening” group exhibit California 2018 GRIT woman’s show Canvas Miami Gallery Miami 2018 Augsut group show The Van Der Plas Gallery New York 2018 20 years anniversary exhibit Galleri Ramfjord Oslo 2018 Closing reseption eskff MANA Contemporaru New York 2016 HYDROGENFABRIKKEN Fredrikstad Etterklang 2016 GALLERI A og Måløy Kunstlag Collectiv utstilling 2016 KUNST RETT VEST 10 år – prosjektrom udefinert eksistens 2016 A-laget Sommer Galleri-A/Minor Oslo 2016 Galleri Fine Art Tjuvholmen sommer 2016 2015 Asker Lions Høstustilling Hovedutstiller 2014 Lions Lilleaker Høstustilling Hovedutstiller 2014 ART EXPO NEW YORK exhibit 2013 Gallery FINE ART Tjuvholmen Boklansering MOR – en hyllest 2013 Gallery SG Trondheim stemmerett, likestilling go repersentasjon 2013 LONDON Cass Gallery May 2013 The Greatest Show On Earth: The Northern Lights 2013 2013 Brygger J.C.Jacobsens Portrætpris Det Nationalhistoriske Museum København 2012 Summer group exhibit GalleryFINE ART Tjuvholmen 2012 Blood, Milkk & Honey Verdens Ende Kunstforening 2011 Young Art for a Good Cause Scandic Vulkan Oslo Norway 2011 «after work» event BLOOD, MILK & HONEY Gallery FINE ART Tjuvholmen 2011 Galleri A group exhibit BLOOD, MILK & HONEY Oslo Norway 2011 Norstrand Lions exhibit Oslo Norway 2010 ART ARENA Telenor arena 2010 Høstutstillingen «Norges kunstner dal» Asker Norway 2010 «Recognizing Munch in Me» Åsgårdstrand Gallery Norway 2008 «UTVALG 2008» Galleri Norway 2008 Juleutstilling Norstrand Lions Oslo Norway 2008 A-lage t«UTVALG 2008» Galleri A Norway 2007 «the young promising» Bærum Kunstforening Norway Purchase/decor Kaminsky private collection New York – Wellheeled Spa Décor/solo Exhibit San Diego USA – Asker Kommune Vendla Barnehage – UP SOURCE Oslo – Norges DiabetesforbundOslo – Ekebergparken Barnehage Bærum Kommune – Kid Norge – Barnas Hus/Fru LyngOslo – Trygg Trafikk – Ramsalt Asker – Damm forlag Oslo – TV Vestfold Tønsberg – Protid DOGA Oslo – Offshore PG as – EMGS as – Hydraslip AS Oslo/London

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